what is psych-k®?

PSYCH-K® (pronounced sigh-kay)

Welcome to the real world of possibilities instead of the pre-programmed world of limitations!”

Robert Williams - Originator PSYCH-K, The Missing Piece/Peace In Your Life, Myrddin Publications

PSYCH-K® - Psychological Kinesiology modality which focuses on self limiting beliefs in order to change our mental, emotional, and physical way of being. In the 30 years since PSYCH-K® was established, countless peoples lives have been changed for the better by PSYCH-K®, as well as Scientific research in the fields of neuroscience and psychotherapy having proven it’s effectiveness.

A radically new understanding emerging at the cutting edge of cell science recognizes that the environment, and more specifically, our perception of the environment, directly controls our behavior and the activity of our genes. Since our “perceptions” may be accurate or inaccurate, we may more appropriately refer to them as—beliefs. Rather than your genes, it is your beliefs that control your biology.”

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. - Cellular Biologist, Author of The Biology of Belief

By identifying self-limiting beliefs and changing them into self-empowering ones, we can resolve inner conflict, release stress, improve relationships, increase energy and physical wellbeing.

PSYCH-K® can be used to change many self-limiting beliefs/programming on our subconscious level. For example:

  • Low confidence

  • Subconscious blocks

  • Problems with your career

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Feeling stuck

  • Fear of public speaking

  • Issues with health and wellbeing*

  • Relationships

  • Social anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Stress


*Please note PSYCH-K® is not a cure for illness. Please always see your doctor for advice. PSYCH-K® only helps to identify and address our subconscious beliefs and perceptions, so the illness may improve in certain cases.

Rob Williams talks about Psychology of Change
Bruce Lipton shares his experience with PSYCH-K®

what to expect?

PSYCH-K® uses muscle testing and balances which involves speaking about the current situation or condition, muscle testing the muscle response to it and going into balance processes which are design to create a whole brain state in the individual.

PSYCH-K® operates on the principle that individual has all the answers in order to make the change needed rather than facilitator acting as an authoritative figure for change.

PSYCH-K® do not promise what to expect after the balance as each individual are different and experience will be different. Although I have noticed in my practise that after each session there is  a profound change the way we think or feel about the situation or condition, which leads to gradual improvement.

PSYCH-K® does not heal. The process is designed to resolve limited thinking or inner conflict or change of perception which typically support and individual’s self healing properties.

My work as a PSYCH-K® facilitator to assist with the transformation of subconscious beliefs/programming and habitual thinking patterns, that may help to change your life in a positive ways.

Much of humanity still longs for inner peace, happiness, and success because they have not been instructed on how to become masters of their subconscious minds, achieve self-love, properly guide their child consciousness, and transcend the negative ego. Nor do they understand how to integrate the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious minds, balance their four bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical), transcend lower-self desires, and fail to live as a cause and not as an effect. In short, they do not know how their particular piece fits into the Divine Plan.

Joshua David Stone, Phd. - Soul Psychology. Random House Publishing Group.

what is a whole brain state?

The whole brain state is ability for the individual to use both sides of the brain – left and right at each given situation. Unfortunately, when faced with life experience, especially traumatic ones, often trigger a dominance of either left side or right side rather than harmonious  balance with both hemispheres of the brain.

PSYCH-K® uses balances to achieve a whole brain state.

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